Frequently asked questions

  • What distinguishes LXS from LXI?

LXS features a wide screen for your Lexus with a compact 7~8 inch display.

  • Will the audio quality match that of the factory?

Yes, the audio quality will be identical to the factory standard.

  • Does it support Mark Levinson?

Yes, it does.

  • When A10 is installed, will I lose any OEM functions, such as the CD changer, steering wheel controls, or backup camera?

No, you will be able to retain all original functions.

  • Can I utilize wireless CarPlay and Android Auto?

CarPlay supports both wireless and wired connections, while Android Auto supports a wired connection via the USB port from our unit.

  • How can I watch YouTube videos?

The A10's operating system is Android 10. When you activate your smartphone's hotspot (tethering), the A10 functions like an Android tablet, allowing you to watch YouTube videos. However, please refrain from watching videos while driving.

  • What is the shipping timeframe?
Shipping may take between 2 to 14 days, including a product preparation period of 1 to 2 days and an overseas delivery period of 2 weeks. Please note that there could be slight additional delays based on the overseas delivery and customs clearance situation. Your understanding is appreciated.
  • Do Lexion unit have a warranty?
Yes, all units come with a 2-Year warranty.
  • Can I check compatibility with my car before I order?
You can check the specification on product page. Also, please send us a message using before form.
  • How can I return my unit?
Please send us a message to request a return authorization number and to process the return.